Kitchen Cleanliness

Essential Tips For Kitchen Cleanliness

For every home, the kitchen is an area that is used daily. Also, as food particles are part of meal preparation and food ingredients are used, there is a certain aspect of cleanliness required, before as well as after meals are prepared here. As kitchens can easily become infested with rodents and insects, it is also important that food droppings are minimized and all kinds of kitchen surfaces are cleaned and kept tidy. 

Cleaning of kitchen rugs and mats is something that shouldn’t be overlooked, you can clean them at home quickly, but sometimes for bigger rugs you may need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. For all carpet cleaning, Airdrie chooses the experts which is Steele Carpet Cleaning. I’ve used them myself a number of times and they have always done an amazing job.

Cleaning of kitchen countertops

An easy way to keep the kitchen countertops clean is to use a scrubber once you have used the surface and removed all food particles from it. As there could be food stains as well as oil and other droppings, depending on the countertop material, you might want to use a scrubber or a soft cloth to clean off the surface. In order to prevent germs and insects from infesting such surfaces, clean with a solution of warm water and lemon or dishwashing liquid. This will enable you to make the kitchen countertop disinfected. The greasy corners need to be scrubbed once in a week to prevent more layers of grease and debris from accumulating.

Cleaning of utensils

This is a regular chore that becomes inevitable in a kitchen. You need to clean utensils manually or use a dishwasher. No matter how you do it, it is important that you keep the kitchen sink clean. This is another area that microbes can grow; odors develop and can attract rodents and insects. Regular cleaning of the items that you stash in the kitchen sink, preferably by the end of the day, will help keep this area clean. The kitchen sink and backsplash area should be wiped clean after use. Also, the area below the sink should also be swept clean regularly.

Appliances and more

There are other kinds of items and surfaces that need cleaning as well in the kitchen. You might use a cleaning solution for wiping clean surfaces of refrigerators as well as cleaning the shelves inside. You would also want to use a scrubber or a grease removal solution for cleaning gas tops. Weekly cleaning of these items will help lighten your load every time and reduce the spring cleaning chores when they come along.